AOC partners with local schools to celebrate Media Literacy Week Oct. 31-Nov. 4
10/27/2016  Education

For more information contact:   Nancy Judice, Marketing Director

AOC Community Media will teach free media literacy workshops in seven Lafayette Parish schools to celebrate Media Literacy Week Oct. 31-Nov. 4, a nationally celebrated week that highlights the power of media literacy education and its essential role in education today.

“Media literacy is an approach to education that fits into AOC’s mission seamlessly,” said Ed Bowie, AOC executive director. “This type of education focuses on teaching students to access, analyze, evaluate, create and participate with media messages in a variety of forms - from print to video to the Internet. Moreover, it helps students understand the role of media in society as well as gain skills of inquiry and self-expression necessary to play an active part of a democracy.”

Because technology plays such a large role in media literacy in 2016, the partnership between AOC and Lafayette Parish School System is a natural one.

“LPSS encourages effective technology integration that creates safe learning environments that are authentic, innovative, and challenging for each student,” said LaShona Dickerson, LPSS technology director.

Randy Bernard, LPSS Academic Specialist adds, “Partnerships such as this allow us to greatly enrich the lives of our students by creating that authentic and relevant learning opportunity.”

AOC will present to students from first grade through 9th grade at the following six schools: Myrtle Elementary, Ridge Elementary, SJ Montgomery Elementary, Broussard Middle, Scott Middle and Northside High schools.

Anyone who lives, works or goes to school in Lafayette Parish can submit community-produced content year round for inclusion on AOC’s two television channels (Cox Communications channels 15 and 16 and LUS Fiber channels 3 and 4). AOC also has media facilities and production equipment available to its members.

AOC memberships range from $25 a year for students, senior citizens and veterans to $35 for individuals. Group memberships are also available for starting at $100 for four members ($25 per member after four people).

For more information about AOC, email info@aocinc.org, go to www.aocinc.org or call 337-232-4434.

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