AOC offers free photo scanning for limited time
9/8/2016  General

For more information contact:   Nancy Judice, Marketing Director

AOC Community Media now has scanning stations available for preserving and digitizing photographs, important documents, negatives and slides. Until Monday, Oct. 10, community members will be allowed to make reservations and receive hands-on assistance with scanning their irreplaceable images and memories.

“Now more than ever people are aware of the priceless, irreplaceable memories that are currently in a shoebox, drawer or album, just fading away and dodging the next catastrophe,” said Ed Bowie, AOC executive director. “We feel like this is a good time to have people come into our studios and make sure they make their images protected and shareable forever. There can be no more danger of loss, no more fading.”

The process is simple, according to Bowie. AOC staff will assist with scanning. No computer skills are necessary.

“Make an appointment in between the hours of 1-5 p.m. We’ll send instructions. Come in with your paper images and documents, and we’ll see that you have all the help you need to save those to a thumb drive, SD card and sent to the web for you,” said Bowie.

Free access to the scanning stations will be available to all Lafayette Parish residents over 18 years of age until Oct. 10. Non-commercial use only please.

Use of any of AOC’s production equipment and media facilities is available throughout the year to AOC members. Memberships range from $25 a year for students, senior citizens and veterans to $35 for individuals. Group memberships are also available for starting at $100 for four members ($25 per member after four people).

To make reservations for free public scanning or for more information about AOC, email info@aocinc.org or call 337-232-4434.

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